Hello and welcome! My name is Nadia, I am French born and I have a passion for travel and photography. I was fortunate to settle in Byron Bay in 1980.

I started making tiles in 2003 with a desire to develop further as a photographer and a mixed media artist.

My collage work often includes the leaves of the Bodhi tree, the sacred fig of India. I enjoy the beauty of handmade papers, the versatility of acrylics and watercolours, the texture of organic materials like bark, leaves and flowers, and recently the sensuality of wax. Sometimes words flow into the image, my own or quotes from poets like Rumi and inspirational artists like Frida Kahlo. Creating a new design for me is going on a journey where happy accidents happen and chapters of my personal story unfold and it’s when I see one of my images resonate with someone else, that I dare think of myself as an “artist”…

My photographs reflect my love of Nature and the vital connection it represents. I am fascinated by the landscape of faces and the emotional content of colours. My camera is my best friend when I travel as looking through a lens opens my eyes and my heart.


My tiles are sealed with a glass-like resin and most suited for indoors or in the shade of a veranda for instance. They can be incorporated in a tiled wall as a feature in a bathroom or a splash back in a kitchen as they are waterproof and easy to clean with a product like Mr Sheen. Imagination is the limit! They come with a picture hook, ready to hang on a wall...they can complement your home decoration, create a focal point and bring a smile on a visitor's face! Make a coaster set with the designs of your choice. Surprise a special person with a special gift...

The tiles are standard sizes:

sm 10cmx10cm $20.00

med 15cmx15cm $35.00

large 20cmx20cm $50.00

Please note that our final sale is on and all remaining stock is discounted.



 Prana stairway by Elisha   

Prana stairway by Elisha